Briēs Style & Care

Caring for Your Briēs Cashmere Shawl

Be sure to carry your shawl in the linen bag. This bag is designed to protect the shawl, as you will want to have it with you in your bag or in your car. The bag is 100% linen and can be washed easily in the washing machine. Briēs Cashmere is a luxurious fabric which requires delicate care.


Please use the following instructions to preserve your shawl.

  • NEVER place cashmere items in the washer or dryer. Hand washing works best.
  • When hand washing use lukewarm water and a very mild soap or shampoo (such as Neutrogena or Dove). Gently work the suds through the fabric and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • NEVER wring or twist the material as it will lose its original shape.
  • When drying cashmere, gently squeeze excess water, making sure not to wring or twist.
  • Lay the item out on a clean towel, adjusting it to its original shape, and roll the towel up, jelly-roll style, with the cashmere item in the middle.
  • Apply pressure to the towel, unroll, laying the item flat on another clean dry towel to finish air-drying.

Ways To Wear a Briēs Cashmere Shawl


As seen in the Ritz Carlton Catalog: